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Cotton/PP Twine Balls

(Chinai Dhaga)

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We are one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters all types Cotton Twines. Herewith we give some specifications of our cotton twines.

Our company specializes in producing all kinds of (3S-40S) yarn and a variety of multi-twine(3S-40S).


Commonly used English count  : 6s,8s,10s,12s,16s,18s,20s,21s.

Color                                                :  natural
Package                                           :   ball/spool/twine

Material                                           : 100% pure cotton, polyester,

                                                                           polyester+cotton, PP, cotton fiber

Features :

  • Effects of moisture swells the fibre and has the effect of increasing the strength of the cotton twine, however prolonged exposure to moisture increases the chances of microbial attack on the fibre which leads to a decrease in strength.

  • Polished cotton twine will reduce absorption of moisture

  • Chemical Resistance Cotton is attacked by hot dilute or cold concentrated acid solutions.

  • Cold weak acids do not affect the cotton.

  • The fibres show excellent resistance to alkalis.

  • Degradation Cotton is degraded mainly by the hydrolysis effect of acids.

  • Effect of temperature in dry state, cotton can be heated up to 150 degrees Celsius without decomposing but when the heating is prolonged, a brown colour develops, signaling the onset of decomposition.

Appreciated For :

  • 100% natural cotton

  • High durability

  • Anti-abrasive properties

  • Cost-effective pricing

Suitable For :

Weaving nets, belts and sewing twines Packing rope, hand rope, bag rope, shoelaces, industrial rope, pet and toys,  weaving, curtain, webbing, carpets, blanketry, cloth, enlace things, wire and cable filling.

Can also used in below place where they need to use yarn or twine: flour mills, Fertilizer plant, cement plant, construction site and other industrial field.


Remark: All kinks of specs(single and twine)all can be made according to your request or sample.