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Dripseal PJS-43 (C.I. Pipe Joint Sealants)


A breakthrough in conventional system of sealing the C.I. Pipe Joint with lead. It would replace lead used for sealing pipe joints. Worldwide, lead or cement mortar is used for sealing the pipe joints. In case of lead, heating is required for melting, gasket/wet clay shuttering support is required for horizontal joints and finally hammering is must for proper caulking. Lead has negligible bonding strength, is toxic and pollutes the environment when heated. Cement mortar decays with the reaction of acid (used for cleaning toilets), requires water curing, has a tendency to develop shrinkage cracks, has low bonding strength, is not very durable and joints are not completely waterproofed.

DRIPSEAL PJS-43 has been developed to overcome all these drawbacks. Besides outstanding properties, low cost is plus point of this product. DRIPSEAL PJS-43 works out much economical than lead as its density (1.95gm/cc) is 1/6th that of lead (11.35gm/cc). It is also an import substitute as 50% of total lead consumption is imported into India.

Salient Features  :

  • Two pack system, which hardens on mixing
  • Being non viscous, it is easy to apply on horizontal pipe joints without shuttering support
  • Cures at room temperature with a setting time of 4 to 6 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Excellent bonding or hammering is not required
  • Doesn't shrink on setting
  • Withstand pressure higher than 20 kg / cm2 in water supply pipe line
  • Low labor cost as it is easy to apply
  • Prolonged service life
  • Non-polluting, toxic and environment friendly

Mixing :

It comes in two coloured packs, black (resin) and white (hardener). Mix both parts homogeneously in the supplied proportion. In cold weather conditions, both unmixed packets may be placed under sun or heated to room temperature (25 oC) to make them more workable for mixing.

Application :

Clean the pipe joint to make it free from dust, grease/oil, algae, mould growth, loose particulates, cement splashes and all other foreign matters and contaminants. Ensure the pipe joint is dry. Provide hamp yarn as usual in pipe joint as back filler. Force the mixed compound into the gap of pipe joint with caulking tool / MS flat piece / hand. Proper pressing of the compound is necessary to avoid air entrapment. For a smooth appearance of the cured compound, hand rub with water or a damp cloth prior to hardening. Don't disturb the joint till the compound has hardened.

Pot Life :

Depending on the working temperature, the mixed compound shall have a pot life of 30 to 40 minutes and should be used within this period. Mix only that much quantity, which can be used within the pot life.

Consumption :

Diameter of Pipe (mm)

Consumption Per Joint (gm)


130 to 150


150 to 170


200 to 250


250 to 300

Packing :

One kg and half kg packs. Larger packs are also available on demand.

Shelf Life :

Unused material may be stored for 15 months in sealed containers.

Precautions :

  • Wash hands with luke warm water, soap and thinner before the compound harden.

  • Disposable gloves and protective cream may be used while handling large quantities of compound.

Plumber liquid pipe sealant / Safeda

(Ideal for joining & leakage plugging & Flange Sealant)


Features :

  •     Locks & Seals metal (G.I./S.S./M.S.) & PVC threaded Pipe joints 
  •     Non hardening
  •     Shellac Based Compound
  •     Good resistance to Corrosion
  •     Fast drying
  •     Low volatile content
  •     Good heat resistance (-20 to 120°c)

Benefits :

  •     Pipe joints can be dismantled when required
  •     Not Harmful for use in domestic plumbing
  •     Enhances the reusability of pipe and fittings
  •     Pipe can be put to use fast
  •     Excellent gap filling ability
  •     Suitable for hot and Cold water Pipe line

Available in : 30g, 50g, 100g, 200, 500g, & 1Kg


PVC/ UPVC Solvent Cement

Features :

  •     Medium Viscosity
  •     Fast Drying
  •     Clear transparent liquid
  •     High solid content
  •     Good heat resistance (-20 to 90°c)
  •     Better stability at high and low temperature

Benefits :

  •     Makes more number of joints, economical
  •     Pipe can be put to use fast
  •     Suitable for piping in Boring, Drip irrigation and general plumbing
  •     Excellent gap filling ability, hence leak proof joint
  •     Suitable for hot & cold water pipe line
  •     Suitable for use in all climatic condition

Available :

  • Tubes : 10ml, 20ml, 100ml,
  •  Containers: 100, 200 ,500ml , 1, 5, 20 ltr